Back to the Boat Life

We disembarked from our boat in July of 2017 and have been living on land for almost a year. After this much time, we have a good perspective of both boat life and land life.

We prefer boat life, provided that boat life means anchored in a quiet cove in the Bahamas. In that kind of boat life, days are slow and paced. There’s no traffic or bustle. There’s no fast food or takeout. There’s no little kids birthday parties on Saturday mornings or church meetings during the week.

I’m sure the boat life isn’t for everyone. You really need to like spending time with your family. So if you don’t particularly like your spouse and kids, boat life isn’t for you. It’ll drive you crazy because there’s no escape.

This time, as we head back to the boat for another stint in a quiet cove in the Bahamas, we have a 3rd kid…baby Margot. She’s been with us for 6 weeks and we’re still figuring her out. She’s mostly quiet, but definitely can get pissed when she’s hungry…like every other girl I’ve known!

Our boat is newer, smaller, and faster, which should change the way we experience the islands this time. We’ll see.

We may or may not be posting videos this time. We’re planning to play it by ear.