Hello World

I’ve been on the internet a while, but this is my first post on my new (5th) blog. So, I think a Hello World post is still in order.

I’ll be honest. I’m going to be writing about all the stuff I’m not allowed to publish on the TrainedUp blog. That means I’ll be writing about the “behind the scenes” of running my business, my family life, and maybe some thoughts on politics (because I can).

Mostly, I’m starting this blog today because I’m disheartened with the state of the Internet. Yes, that’s a broad claim.

First, there’s Facebook. I really like connecting with friends on Facebook, but Facebook isn’t trustworthy anymore. Whether it’s playing fast-and-loose with my profile data or restricting content that I can see based on political leanings, I can’t trust them. And that’s not to mention the risk of being hacked, someone running a social engineering scam on my friends, and then locking me out…which is a very real thing that happens.

Second, there’s Twitter. Granted, Twitter is still my favorite, but it’s increasingly just a shouting match. I’d hoped it would die down after the 2016 election, but it’s gotten worse. There’s still fun to be had on Twitter, but it’s not the same as the good ol’ days.

Finally, there’s Instagram. I like Instagram because I can scroll endlessly through “inspiring” boat photos or a grid of Rhodesian beauties (that link is totally SFW, by the way). But that’s pretty much where it ends for me.

So when I wanted to create something meaningful, that I know won’t be censored or taken down or “sunsetted due to financial hardship”, I decided that a blog of my own was my only real option. And, if WPEngine fails, I’ll always be able to move this shining collection of literary gems to a new WordPress host.

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