About Me in 10 Seconds

I’m a husband, dad, and Christian. I run a small Internet business called ServeHQ that serves ministries with tools and resources. My family travels a lot, but our “home base” is in Jacksonville, Florida.

Family photo, November 2018

In the past, I worked at Life.Church on the YouVersion Bible app, Church Online, and other Digital Missions initiatives. I’ve served on staff with three churches in various roles.

I’m an extrovert, a long thinker, Enneagram 5, ENTJ, curious about politics and media, and a skeptic, but not a cynic.

My Personal Website

I’ve made this website so I can have a place that’s my own, where I can share my own ideas and document the things I want to remember.

It’s a personal website. I’m not selling anything or pitching myself as a consultant. If you like what I write about, you can subscribe below.