Intermittent Fasting Update: 2 Weeks In

Here’s the original post with all the details about what we’re doing, why, and what we were expecting to experience.

Benefits so far are: lost 8 pounds, better sleep at night, more focus during the day, no more afternoon doldrums with no energy, and saving money on food. Also, one thing we didn’t expect is that we don’t have to think about 2/3 of the meals we used to think about. That means less planning and talking about food. Win!

Erica has lost 4 pounds, but she was already pretty skinny and now she’s worried about maintaining her current weight (not losing more) and still fasting. She loves the other benefits of intermittent fasting, but doesn’t want to lose more weight.

We’ve been fasting 18-20 hours a day for two weeks now.

My original plan was to fast for 16 hours a day, essentially skipping breakfast every day. After a couple days, 16 hours a day didn’t feel like it would have much impact on my health or weight.

After that, I stretched my daily fast to 2pm, skipping breakfast and lunch and opting for an early-afternoon snack, which usually consisted of a beef stick or jerky and a cup of coffee with cream…still all under 250 calories or so…low carb, of course.

By the way, after an 18 hour fast, coffee with cream tastes like heaven.

For the last week I’ve been stretching the fasting portion of my day to 20 hours. That means I fast from 8pm to 4pm, drinking only water or black coffee during that time. Then I eat a snack at 4pm and a big-but-lean dinner between 6pm and 7pm.

I allow myself a full 1,500 calories at dinner, but take no wheat-based carbs (bread/pasta), limit starchy carbs (potatoes/corn), and load up on protein, veggies, and fats. I try to have an even portion of each of those in a meal.

1,500 calories in one meal is pretty big and I always feel very full, especially as my stomach has been shrinking. A 1,500-calorie meal full of lean, whole food looks and feels like a feast, which is incredibly satisfying. 1,500 calories at McDonalds doesn’t feel like much, but 1,500 calories of good food is a banquet.